About Nordvis

As a label, Nordvis seeks to gather a collective of musicians who have similar values and whose artistic output reflects their lifestyles. We are not bound by genres, but rather shared ideals, and gladly embrace whatever style can celebrate the consistency of melancholy and unique atmospheres. Our headquarters is located on a remote farm in the back country of the northernmost Swedish province of Lapland. We also operate a well-stocked mail-order from our warehouse in Arvidsjaur, a small town forty kilometres away


Nordvis Produktion is a Swedish art curation project founded in 2006. We strive to embody the pioneering spirit of the frontiersmen who once carved themselves a home out of the harsh and unforgiving Lappish taiga. Of equal importance is upholding the same reverence and awe for Mother Nature as the Sami custodians of these beautiful lands have always lived by. In this union of grit and ingenuity with a profound, animistic outlook, we hope to provide our artists the best opportunities to break new ground with their music. And, in turn, promote both inspiration and nature-oriented principles.

Nordvis first sprung from Andreas Pettersson’s desire to exercise full control over his own artistic creations. With his previous works, he felt as if the record companies neither understood nor managed his music in the manner it deserved. While preparing for the Lönndom debut, “Fälen Från Norr”, he concluded that handling the release himself was the only feasible option. And this is what set everything in motion.

Over the following years, Nordvis issued a number of records. Either projects Andreas was personally involved in, or ones from his contact network. With Nordvis already serving as a musical convergence of like-minded musicians, it sparked within him an idea. A fixation that would eventually become his life’s work. He envisioned a musical collective rooted in certain way of life: a label run from the artist’s perspective, with collaborations built on mutual trust. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to us who is part of this community and who is not.

A significant step was taken in 2016, when Nordvis became a full-time operation. At the time – on the side of running the label – Andreas had worked as a miner, deep below ground, for the past decade. The same year saw the first edition of Höstfest, a recurring festival featuring artists from our roster. In 2016, it took place in Stockholm and Sundsvall. Nordvis Höstfest 2017 and 2019 were held in Oslo, Norway.

In the year 2020 we celebrated the ten-year anniversary of our partnership with Sound Pollution Distribution – one of the biggest and oldest music distributors in Scandinavia. Meanwhile, we have established a number of close collaborations with leading independent labels like Eisenwald and NoEvDia as well as Swedish underground publication Bardo Methodology.