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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 4: Varde

Apr 12 2022

Nordvis artist appreciation – fourth edition.

Jørn 'Nord' Øyhus commented:

In our household, we prefer doing things ourselves. We are constantly working to become more resourceful and self-sustained.

First image: This is me in the process of making some simple woodcarving details for the interior of our house. These carvings will be very decorative in the brand-new in-house studio!

Second image: Spring, summer, and autumn means getting the firewood safely stored for winter. We heat the house with wood exclusively, so we need a lot of it. This is only one of several piles, and a roof should be in place before the snow arrives.

Third image: Here I am carving decorative patterns into a board for my new studio room. If I'm able to, I prefer learning and doing things like this myself – it saves a lot of money and gives the house more personality. We prefer surrounding ourselves with natural home-made things.

Fourth image: What used to be an empty concrete basement is now a nice sound-treated studio and rehearsal room. My father in-law and I have been working on it since last winter and now, finally, I can build and install the finishing details.

Varde artist profile at Nordvis: