Artist appreciation series - Pt. 6: Bhleg

Apr 12 2022

Nordvis artist appreciation – sixth edition.

For this instalment we turn to Bhleg – the Swedish duo that just released their new album, “Fäghring”.

S. and L. commented:

Our houses are located only about a hundred metres apart and the forest lies just around the corner. We spend more time both being in the woods and gathering inspiration than we do working on the actual music. What lies behind and within Bhleg has always been of the utmost importance to us. Living so close to nature, we experience the seasonal changes first-hand – constantly feeding off her powers and energies.

These lands have sustained various people since the Stone Age, which means there are a lot of archaeological sites and places of power around here. Such locations were chosen by our ancient forebears – folks who were undoubtedly more aligned with the pulse of the earth than any of us could ever hope to be. Consequently, we’ve found these sites perfect to absorb knowledge from.

In the first photo, you can see the two of us around a campfire. This is something we often do: cooking food over the embers or just sitting there, staring into the flames. It provides an ideal opportunity for reflection and recuperation.

The second photo depicts L. surveying the heavens. We often spend cloudless nights casting long and longing skyward stares. One can easily get lost in that feeling and dream oneself out into the cosmos’ embrace, soaring between the sisters and kin of our sun. We are mesmerised and overwhelmed by its scope, complexity, and depth; the natural world in its entirety is indeed magical. Just as we look downwards and inwards, we believe it to be of equal importance to study the celestial spheres – and by doing so, understanding our place here on earth, among nature, and in the universe.

The last photo shows S. at a local rock carving which is dear to our hearts. We often find ourselves drawn to this place, connecting with both its archaic powers and secrets.

Bhleg artist profile at Nordvis: