Bhleg is a musical and spiritual journey which began in 2007, when S and L first met. Right there and then, the two of them realised that not only were their musical and spiritual paths intertwined, but they are connected by the roots - born on the same soil on the same day of the same year. The oldest known name for the region they grew up in is Alyr, which translates to ‘sanctuary’. It wasn’t until 2013 that their long-since conceptualised project took physical form. They named it Bhleg, a Proto-Indo-European word for ‘to shine’, and began working on an album. Drawing from both individual and shared experiences of the dream world, altered states of consciousness, and astral journeys they created “Draumr Ást” – a title which sprung from precisely such circumstances.

'We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself'

Another mutual voyage into the realm of spirit took place during the recording of “Draumr Ást”, when the duo underwent a visionary cycle during which the four seasons, in successive turns, took shape through them. Nature in her most primal form, expressing herself from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective - surging through both S and L as they were swept away by the currents.

The composition process for “Solarmegin” went on for three summers: immensely energydemanding, but also energising. The work is a commemoration of summer, fertility as a physical aspect, and the boundless power of the sun. Whole is the earth in the embrace of Sunnanljus!

“Äril” was written, in its entirety, one beautiful autumn evening following a horrible ordeal. All life generated by the 98 minutes of “Solarmegin” was burned down and extinguished by the 28-minutelong autumnal homage. This is where life comes to wither and expire, where life turns from fire to ash.

“Ödhin”, the fate everything living will ultimately meet, was born out of dread and suffering - mental as well as spiritual. It was written during the darkest days of winter, when lively day yields to lifeless night. Fate claims us all in the end.

“Fäghring” bears the gift of rebirth - both in nature and for Bhleg. After the blackest night comes the most radiant of dawns; the spark of life illuminates all that which was swallowed by shadows.

The “Ár” tetralogy is coming to an end, bringing the circle to a close.

Bhleg is an expression of life - its inherent essence and origin