When Carl, the band’s founder and driving force, started Blodtår in 2019, he’d been looking for music with a highly distinct feeling. After a prolonged search with very little to show for it, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Carl had initially planned to remain the sole member, recruiting session drummers whenever needed. So, adhering to this logic, H. Alarcón was brought in for the recording of what ultimately became the debut EP. Nevertheless, following a seamless collaboration – during which the material really made his percussion skills shine – it was decided that H should participate also in future recordings.

The heart and soul of the music, its very pulse, consists of meticulously crafted riffs deeply inspired by Swedish folk melodies. Actually, Carl’s primary musical lodestar – in everything from ambience, melody, and choice of name – is an acoustic piece called “Blodtaar”, courtesy of Norwegian black metal band Ljå. And this might very well be Blodtår’s only metal-related influence. Rather, the underlying intention behind Blodtår is to weave together an immersive soundscape fit to accompany the feelings and impressions one experiences when studying artwork by the likes of Johan Bauer and Theodor Kittelsen. By virtue of sheer conviction, Blodtår breathes new life into the long-forgotten woodland magic imbued in the timeless art of these old masters.

“After I finished the EP”, commented Carl, “I had one specific partner for this band in mind: Nordvis. In my opinion, none other would be fit to convey the thematic expression of Blodtår. As such, they were the only label I sent an advance of the EP to. The Nordvis roster has always impressed me, so it’s with the profound pride I now find myself part of it.”