BLODTÅR: New single "Svartsejd" out now

Oct 21 2021

The first single from Blodtår's eponymous EP – available November 26 – is now available for listening. Stream or download “Svartsejd” via your preferred digital music service now:

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Dreamlike and longing but still vicious and punishing – Blodtår offer Swedish black metal saturated in that characteristically wild and unbound organic spirit associated with many of the Nordvis bands. Perhaps somewhere in-between Murg and Panphage, but with an atmosphere rooted in folkloric mysticism.

The underlying intention behind Blodtår is to weave together an immersive soundscape fit to accompany the feelings and impressions one experiences when admiring artwork by the likes of John Bauer and Theodor Kittelsen. By virtue of sheer conviction, Blodtår breathes new life into the long-forgotten woodland magic imbued in the timeless art of these old masters. Carl commented:

Blodtår’s music is built on its melodies. They are the foundation of everything I write – the trunk of the tree from which all remaining material branches out. Although I rarely have any specific references in mind when composing, they always seem to spring from an urge to create something in the vein of that specific old Nordic expression. “Svartsejd” is one of the four tracks due for release later this year; with these, I wish to convey the richness of our folklore and invoke its spirit. The art and traditions of the old world will replace the mundane, industrialised reality of today.

Cover artwork by Carl Stjärnlöv.