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AFSKY – Sorg, DigiCD

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The debut album of AFSKY is a cold atmospheric representative that can be clearly assigned to the DSBM genre. The doomy folk and classical music elements already appear here and there, such as the guest contribution of Amalie Bruun (Myrkur) on the nykelharpa and clean vocals - but the raw coldness is most present here.
Written at a time of frustration, sadness and dark emotions, the lyrics lead to a haunting and harrowing exploration of the various shades of suffering, but also reflect the magnificence of nature - as eternal inspiration and shelter.
This album expresses exactly what Afsky and Sorg stand for namely: disgust and sadness. The cradle and the cornerstone that bear all the hallmarks of Afsky in their original and pristine sound.
1. Jeg bærer deres lig 07:08
2. Skær 08:14
3. Sorte vand 08:43
4. Stjernerne slukkes 09:50
5. Vættekongen 05:49
6. Glemsomhedens elv 01:24
7. Oh måneløse nat 07:05

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