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The fittingly titled “Passage” finds Alda further strengthening their bonds as musicians and honing their style into an even more earthen and evolved fusion of black styled metal often revered in their location, and a passionately spirited folk presence. Alda have noticeably grown as songwriters while not forsaking the roots of their core sound. It marks a vital addition not only to their own impressive catalog, but to the ever growing North American “black metal” community. Passage is an all-encompassing journey into the mountains and environs surrounding them, another monumental release combining nature oriented aspects, underground metal DIY ethic's and spirituality.

The Clearcut
The Crooked Trail

"In short, if Agalloch, WITTR or even old Ulver ever moved you, you need this." - TERRORIZER

"...if you admire bands who paint a mental picture and who create music as art rather than a tool of commerce, then ‘passage’ is an essential addition to your collection." - SONIC ABUSE

"ALDA gelingt mit "Passage" also ein Musterbeispiel für atmosphärischen, naturverbunden Black Metal, der noch ein Stück weit kantiger als der von WITTR und nicht ganz so Post-Rock-lastig wie der von FALLS OF RAUROS ist." - STORMBRINGER 4,5/5

"Auf majestätischen Pfaden durch Amerikas Wälder!" - METALNEWS 6/7

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