CÂN BARDD – Nature Stays Silent, CD

Atmospheric Metal

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Influenced by bands such as Caladan Brood, Elderwind, Saor and Gallowbraid, Cân Bardd was founded in 2016 as a one-man project by then 18 year old Malo Civelli from Switzerland, with the purpose of creating an outlet for his feelings and ideas that would be at once heavy and aggressive, yet also melodic and atmospheric.

With the help of session drummer Dylan Watson Malo wrote, recorded and mixed his first album with over 70 minutes playing time in less than a year. The final mastering was then done by Mike Lamb from Sojourner, before Malo signed a deal with Northern Silence. 

One of the most promising newcomers to appear on the scene in 2017, Cân Bardd is certain to appeal to fans of Caladan Brood, Summoning, Sojourner, Saor or Elderwind, and generally all who enjoy what is commonly known as Epic or Atmospheric and Melodic Black Metal. 


1. Introduction (5:19)

2. My Ancestors (7:08)

3. An Evolving Painting (8:14)

4. Méditation Glaciale (11:58)

5. Underwater (8:58)

6. Océan (8:36)

7. Abîme (9:54)

8. A Gift For Nature (10:44)

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