ELDAMAR – A Dark Forgotten Past, CD

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Eldamar is the solo project of Mathias Hemmingby from Askim/Norway, performing Atmospheric Black Metal and Ambient. It was formed in the summer of 2015.

Conceptually, Eldamar is inspired by J.R.R Tolkien, Heathenism, Elven Magic and Nature. 

The goal of Eldamar's art is to help listeners to open up to the music in an emotional way and combine the experience with their imagination. To that end, the music on Eldamar’s releases is combined with the gorgeous artworks of famous landscape painter Albert Bierstadt. The combination of aural and visual impressions will allow them to drift away in their own dreams while listening to the songs. With persistence, this practice will carry them right through the gates of Alfheimr/Elvenhome. 

After the huge success of Eldamar’s debut album “The Force of the Ancient Land” (2016), which is currently approaching 1.000.000 Plays on Youtube, both expectations and demand for more music in Eldamar’s unique style are very high. The young mastermind behind the band, with an uncanny knack for knowing what his growing crowd of followers wants, plays it cool and easily delivers another quality release that continues right where the debut album and the split EP with Dreams of Nature left off. 

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1. Return Of Darkness (8:43)
2. Another Journey Begins (7:34)
3. In Search For New Wisdom (9:16)
4. A Secret By The Branches (5:15)
5. Ancient Sorcery (8:32)
6. The Passing (4:02)
7. New Understanding (8:38)

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