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FÅNTRATT – Ångerstupa, DigiCD

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Artist: Fåntratt
Title: Ångerstupa
Release date: 2024-05-24
Spec: CD • Digisleeve • 8 page booklet
Limitation: 300 copies

In the arctic twilight, Fåntratt emerges as a beacon of arcane storytelling, weaving the ancient threads of folklore with the mystic whispers of esoteric traditions. Their latest album, “Ångerstupa”, sets sail into the heart of Nordic lore and seafaring sagas, crafting a tale as vast as the oceanic depths.

“Ångerstupa”, a vessel borne of experimental soundscapes, plots a course through uncharted waters, blending the traditional resonance of dungeon synth with avant-garde elements that push the genre's boundaries. As the journey unfolds, guests such as Serbian singer Jovana Ćuk and the Engberg brothers, Daniel and David, lend their voices to the epic narrative. Fåntratt stands in league with the likes of Örnatorpet, Bo Hansson, Ildjarn, and Paysage d'Hiver, yet forges its own path.

Fåntratt is the latest addition to the Nordvis roster. For many years, this obscure artist has delivered sombre tones from the shadows, blending wit and solemnity in a manner that evokes reflection. The fact that Fåntratt originates from the northern part of Sweden, along with ties to Örnatorpet, not only adds an extra layer of excitement to this collaboration but also marks it as a natural progression.


1. Hjältar i gult och blått
2. Kustens glada kavaljerer
3. Livet på Forsbyholm
4. I natt eller aldrig
5. En stilla flört
6. Skepp ohoj
7. Mot nya tider
8. Landstormens lilla lotta

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