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Article No: NVP076
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Artist: Fedrespor
Title: Tid
Release date: 2018-04-20
Catalog nr: NVP076
Format: CD jewel case

Time (Tid) heals all wounds, so they say. If only it was so easy as to let the slow, relentless sands of time wash away the pain. The loss of a sibling is a razor sharp pain that time alone often fails to dull. And so we have Fedrespor; the manifestation of the insatiable grief that has gnawed away at creator Varg Torden Saastad since the passing of his brother. Such a project demands that all emotions are laid bare – it is a commitment to sharing the pain. Tid is the epitome of catharsis – and yet it is also sorrow itself. Funereal doom without the metal, it waxes and wanes its way through the gauntlet of human emotions and the quandary of existence. We humans are merely a speck of light seen through a vast telescope, through which the past, the present and the future are but one. As is the philosophy so is the music – a timeless expression of not only loss, but also of understanding. Sometimes through great pain comes great understanding. Let Tid be your guide through the often unbearable reality of the human condition, but also let it serve as a conduit to the acceptance of the comforting vastness of the universe. 


1. Ginnungagap
2. Det Vekkes
3. Gripedyr
4. Unknown Self
5. Evighetens Vidder
6. Langt Skal de Vandre
7. Takk
8. Evigdom
9. Tid


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