GAOTH – Dying Season's Glory, CD

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GAOTH is a new one-man Atmospheric/Post Black Metal project from Ireland, which birthed itself onto the scene with the debut full length release ‘Dying Season’s Glory’ in July 2016. 

The music encompasses a meld of traditional Atmospheric Black Metal with vast & blistering ambiences to create ethereal, transcendental & timeless atmospheres, intertwined with brief moments of earthy ‘reflection’ or contemplation. This soundscape is largely informed & inspired by the Seasons, Mountains, Forests, Soil & Lakes of Ireland. 

The name GAOTH derives from Old Irish ‘gáeth’, from Proto-Celtic ‘gaito’, from Proto-Indo-European ’ghai’,’ghei’,’ghi’, meaning WIND, DRIVE or STORM. It is these very elements & the vast inherent lineage contained therein that forms the body & soul of GAOTH. 

As part of our underground series this CD is limited to 500 copies. 

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1. Autumnal Breath 7:09
2. Weeping of the Fens 7:28
3. Gaoth 7:58
4. Will of Mountains 7:43
5. Waning of the Years 2:18
6. Where Leaves Depart 4:08
7. Astral Paths 6:29
8. Dying Season's Glory 7:18
9. The Burning Horizon 3:59

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