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 CD in classic jewel case with 12-page booklet incl. all lyrics, plus a designed album download card.

Atmospheric-Black-Metal-outfit GIVRE from Québec (Canada) has sealed a pact with Eisenwald for its third album „Destin messianique“. It is deeply rooted in French Canadian history with its ties to austere Catholicism – and filled to the brim with dark and epic Black-Metal-bangers, whose dense hypnotic atmospheres will bring the listeners under their spell immediately.

The group was founded back in 2010 in Rouyn-Noranda by David Caron-Proulx (Composition, guitars, keys, mixing), Jean-Lou David (Research, vocals, guitars, keys), and Mathieu Garon (Bass, mastering) when they were just 16 years old. They self-produced a demo album, then moved away from their hometowns. David studied jazz guitar, arrangement, orchestration, sound design, and electroacoustics. Jean-Lou is now a contractual writer for different newspapers and blogs; he is also employed as a historian for a museum. In October 2020, ten years after their first collaborative endeavors, they reunited and recorded two more albums. „Destin messianique“ clearly shows a band that has further sharpened its creative visions and abilities.

While some groups may be content with creating music for mere entertainment, GIVRE has higher ambitions: The album is meant to be nothing less than a musical documentary of the early 20th-century spiritual mission of Québec. Therefore, the record is filled with archive samples, literary citations and field recordings, integrated in melancholic compositions, in which elements of Post Metal, Folk and Ambient flourish between world-weary Black-Metal-riffs and tormented screams. A uniquely sounding mixture that fits the historical background well.

The album was self-produced by guitarist and composer David in the band’s rehearsal space and in his own home studio. Recording took place in May 2020, and mixing followed in August.

With „Destin messianique“, GIVRE invites you to reflect on the atoning side of pain. It bears testament to the mentality of a people striving to maintain their identity while going through hardship - humble and hard-working, resigned and Catholic. With its well-thought-out concept and atmospherically dense compositions, the album lures the audience into sublime sadness, clings to hearts with icy fingers – and doesn’t let go.

The album will be released via Eisenwald on September 30th, on CD and all digital platforms.

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