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KAARNA – Tutkielma magnetismista, kivusta ja valtiosta, DigiCD

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The second album deals with with esoteric and Finnish historical themes; WWI & WWII related happenings, the struggle for independence and freedom from Soviet Union / Russia, and more personal level battles - the war trauma and poverty caused by the Chaos that not also surrounded Finland and all world, but also was stirring and causing unrest deep inside the veins of the nation of Finland.

These dreamlike glimpses and visions of the times about 70 to 100 years ago can easily find their corresponding counterparts of the today's world. As we all know - "Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it". But for the people with more esoteric world see that all the historical tales and their protagonists and antagonists also play a role in a different kind of plays, a whirlpools of energy currents, channeling and magick. The leaders of the Nations have secretly seeked help and guidance from divination and other forms of esoteric wisdom during all ages. Still, almost all of these methods are considered to be nonsense by modern standards...

The album is musically ranging somewhere from industrial ambient to martial industrial, electro-ambient and neo-classical. Several texts from the former Finnish great men (Kallio, Jylhä, Kramsu, Mannerheim) has been sampled or borrowed to use as lyrics.


1. Nimetty

2. Tutkimus magnetismista

3. Pervitiinisiiviltä pudonnut

4. Määrätietoinen Schauman

5. Valtio - kiertokulku (luonnos)

6. Kytkin ja kärsimys

7. Risti, siniristi

8. Kaatuneiden kabinetissa

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