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Limited Digipak CD printed on uncoated carton stock, comes w/ 16 pages booklet made of red art-paper. Perfect haptics and feel.

Cover artwork by Vinsterwân.

After the highly acclaimed "Nocebo“, Krater started a new era in the history of the band expanding limits to enrich both atmosphere and power in their music. "Urere“ explores the extremes of metal in diverse directions without straying away from its Black Metal roots dealing with parts of Black, Death, and Doom Metal in it's full potential. Graced by a potent production (by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony) and driven by superior force this 10 track sonic assault leaves an evident trace that Krater is stronger and more ferocious than ever.

/Quote Eisenwald


1. Initiation
2. Non Serviam
3. Bury The Light
4. Flammen im Vakuum
5. Anti-Vists
6. Vexillum Luciferi
7. Hunger Of Ropes 04:00
8. Nerven-Gift
9. Lust To Burn
10. Dust - Still Alive In That Place

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