MÖRKER – Skuggornas Rike, CD

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After their excellent MCD Mörker followed the predestined path further into the darkness and created almost one hour of Atmospheric Northern Black Metal with wonderful, sometimes sad, sometimes catching melodies, and this time everything comes along in their very own style. There are hints to the great old Black Metal of the 90s even though the album cannot directly be compared to certain albums of the strongest era in Black Metal history. Fans who like "Den Sista Utfärden" will surely appreciate "Skuggornas Rike" as well. It has everything that so far marked Mörker as gifted musicians and takes the songwriting, the atmosphere and the intensity of the whole work to an even higher level. Enjoy!

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1. En Dunkel Färd
2. Skuggornas Rike
3. Blodbad - Kristendomens Intåg
4. Dyster Tid
5. Evig Vinter
6. Naturen Döljer Alla Spår
7. Kalla Vindar Ger Oss Kraft
8. Tidlös Värld
9. Slaget Om Norden Del II
10. Livets Ände
11. Mot Dödens Portar
11. Outro

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