NECHOCHWEN – Heart of Akamon, CD

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After several years of silence West Virgina’s own NECHOCHWEN returns with a brand new album. Without losing site of their acoustic and classical roots “Heart of Akamon” reveals the bands most emotive and aggressive material up to this date. The old spirit of “Heart of Akamon” will take you on a journey back in time and experience the persecution, struggle and pride of the indigenous peoples almost forgotten Native America. 

A truly unique outpouring of carefully composed metal intertwined with Folk and Americana elements sets NECHOCHWEN apart from the ever growing metal realm. “Heart of Akamon” embodies the thrill of the hunt, the bloodlust of battle and a wonder for tales told around a campfire beneath the stars.

Track list:

1. The Serpent Tradition
2. The Impending Winter
3. Lost on the Trail of the Setting Sun
4. October 6, 1813
5. Traversing the Shades of Death
6. Skimota
7. Skyhook
8. Kiselamakong

8/10 - RottingHill
8,5/10 - Ave Noctum
84/100 -
8/10 -
10/10 - The Metal Observer
8,5/10 - Heathen Harvest
8/10 - Sweden Rock Magazine


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