PANOPTICON – Revisions Of The Past, 2CD

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Artist: Panopticon
Title: Revisions Of The Past
Release date: 2016-07-29
Format: 2CD 8 panel digipack
Cat #: NVP044

On this double CD we revisit ”On The Subject Of Mortality” and ”Social Disservices”. Both carefully reworked. With a new mix by Spenser Morris and a re-master by Colin Marston we're getting the possibility to experience these two albums in a totally new and fresh way.

REVISIONS OF THE PAST comes in a massive 8 panel digipack, containing the reworked albums ”On The Subject Of Mortality” and ”Social Disservices”, fantastic cover artwork by Nate Burns, a 16 page booklet including original text explanations, current liner notes and other important reflections of these two albums.


On The Subject Of Mortality

1. Living In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
2. Living Eulogy
3. To Make An Idol
4. A Message To The Missionary
5. ...Seeing...
6. Watching You

Social Disservices

1. Resident
2. Client
3. Subject
4. Patient


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