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THEY CAME FROM VISIONS – The Twilight Robes, DigiCD

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They Came From Visions from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv was formed in 2019 in order to create raw and twisted music that conjures the visions of shimmering mist over ancient swamps, of moonlight painting the earth in surreal colours, of unsettling hum and chitter of nocturnal insects, of countless dangers and wonders of a world shrouded in darkness. The three nameless individuals behind the group draw inspiration from bands such as Wiegedood and Yellow Eyes as well as from folk-horror-movies and -games – from the classics released in the 70s and also from modern favorites such as „The Witch“ and „Midsommar“.

„The Twilight Robes" continues that theme while raw and varied riffs, spanning the range from mournful to triumphant, weave a bleak tapestry of struggle, danger, mystery, and violence. The record is dedicated to exploring various facets of the commonfolk's struggle and suffering in dangerous and mysterious times: Human-sacrifice-rituals, nocturnal horrors, powerlessness, and surrender in the face of overwhelming natural and supernatural forces belong to the lyrical themes explored here. Rather than leaning on any particular culture's specific folklore, the band references humanity's shared feeling of weakness and fear before the unknown. „The Twilight Robes“ is a testament to the band's dedication to their craft and their desire to tell stories that speak to the human experience.

The recording process was a unique yet frightening experience for the band, as it took place during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, the band members imbued their feelings of fear, frustration, and anger into the music to cope with the absurd horror of the situation. The album was fully self-produced by the band to preserve the integrity of the composer's vision, and all instruments were recorded at home - with the exception of the vocals, which were recorded at a rehearsal studio. The album was mixed by the guitarist who plays under the pseudonym Voice of Gloom and mastered by bassist Voice of the Deep. The artwork was created by Ukrainian artist Mykhailo Skop (also known as Neivanmade).

With „The Twilight Robes“ the anonymous Ukrainians of They Came From Visions step up to become a household name in the world of folk-horror-inspired black metal. Their music channels the frightening forces that arise directly from each land's ever-beating primordial heart.

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