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TOTAL HATE – Throne Behind A Black Veil, CD

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Limited CD in classic jewelcase with silver print and fold-out poster booklet 

Hailing from the Bavarian woods of Germany, TOTAL HATE unifies the essence of Scandinavia's true black metal sound. Emerging as a side project of sorts in 2000, the band pays homage to the second wave of black metal with its original blend of orthodox and primitive blackened frost.

Throne Behind A Black Veil marks 19 years of existence for the band, and proves some things do get better with age. Crushing black metal treasures that stretch away into the Night Sky of 2019  

Much like previous outputs, TOTAL HATE -- known for its luminaries and zealots in the sphere of ancient black metal -- continues the path set forth by bands such as Darkthrone, Urgehal, Gorgoroth, Throne of Ahaz and others. 

 "Those who appreciate the renegade delirium of classic Satyricon, the militant tenacity of Marduk, and the purity of unholy Darkthrone are hereby obligated to grab a copy of this album. Total Hate is a band unbothered by trends, resolute, and unapologetically true Black Metal." - ANTIHERO MAG 

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