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VARGNATT – Grausammler, Gatefold CD

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Limited Gatefold CD edition with 16page booklet printed on rough paper stock.

Illustrations by Pascal Hauer.

After two demos and an EP German Vargnatt return with the anticipated follow up 'Grausammler'. The first full lenght manifests a new level in the history of the band. Even though the songs are rather puristic the music reveals its depth - dreamscapes woven in desolation, sorrow and hope.

Greatly influenced by the early Burzum Era as well as Ulver's Nattens Madrigal „Grausammler“ draws the listener into a stream of memorable lead guitars surrounded by harsh vocals. A warm bass-guitar crafts the songs and the drumming by Wiedergaenger (Total Negation, Nachts, ex-Auvandril) rounds it off. 

Fragile string and choir performances done by " (Nachtreich, Ex-Eudaimony) enclose the sum.

(Quote Eisenwald)


01. Weltverloren
02. Allein in mir
03. In der Irre
04. Vor den Toren
05. Grauwandler
06. Grausammler

Listen to the preview track "Allein in mir".

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