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WHIRLING – Faceless Phenomena, DigiCD

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Avantgarde Dark Metal from Sweden, featuring members of ARMAGEDDA (rip) and BERGRAVEN. This unconventional brainchild out of Sweden still borrows from the Black Metal range it's members bring with it, however it surprises with crafty obscure and complex music, rich with songs and instrumentation. An unconventional and disturbing travel - easily drifting away from the usual metal genres. " Faceless Phenomena" means nothing that we can foresee, densely layered music, moving skillfully between fragility and powerful outbursts, graceful melodic and twisted imaginary. Impeccable individual riffs nail deep the mood, let you grow and also fall with the alluring songs. Try to imagine a mix of VEB BUENS ENDE, CODE and BERGRAVEN, it's time to make the decisive twist !

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