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B&C E190 100% cotton - ring-spun.

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The second instalment of this exclusive merch collection features a design based on a runestone in Vassunda socken, Uppland, known as U 463.

Ludvig Swärd commented:

In Old Norse philosophy and religion, the memory of the dead was an essential aspect. Because as long as you were still remembered among the living, it was believed that existence continued on the other side. This notion was widely prevalent in the cultural landscape, where mounds and runestones served as eternal reminders of those who were no longer alive - and the people left behind to mourn them.

To uphold their memory and commemorate this ancient tradition, Nordvis and I have decided to release a limited number of custom-made garments. These shirts will feature illustrations of precisely these kinds of Norse ancestral monuments, courtesy of 17th-century Swedish archaeologist Johan Peringskiöld. This collection will have a special focus on lesser-known runestones, many of which are lost to us today. Furthermore, each shirt comes with a special print which tells the story behind the stone it depicts, as well as its inscription. 

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