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Coming soon: Örnatorpet - Hymner från snökulla LP

Feb 3 2022

This coming spring, the fourth album by Swedish dungeon synth project Örnatorpet will be made available on vinyl. First released in January 2019, “Hymner Från Snökulla” offers a synth-propelled flight of the imagination – a journey through frozen soundscapes resting on such rich textures one can almost hear the crackling of ice.

Despite its foundation of brisk and wistful minimalism, the intricate melodies and cold timbre conjure up more of the soothing majesty of a clear-blue December sky than the life-depriving howls from a blizzard. “Hymner Från Snökulla” is the tranquil view seen from a desolate mountain peak into the very heart of winter.

The LP edition – which comes on frost-covered coloured vinyl – is limited to 300 copies. The stunning cover artwork is a painting courtesy of Skogens Rymd Art.

Örnatorpet was founded in Borås, Sweden, in February 2018. The nameless artist behind the project cites nostalgia as his primary driving force. He intended to provide a soundtrack to imaginary tales of fantasy using inspiration drawn from folklore and the natural world. The same year, he caught the attention of Nordvis – a collaboration which soon thereafter resulted in the release of “Bergtagen”. Since then, Örnatorpet has become an essential part of the tight-knit Nordvis community.

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