AHAMKARA - The Embers of the Stars, DigiCD

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Artist: Ahamkara
Title: The Embers of the Stars
Release date: 2015-02-23
Format: Digipak CD
Cat #: NVP027

At the the peak of winter in February Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis Produktion bring about a release to emphasize the season. 
Perhaps it is arrogant to make the statement that there are very few bands in the black metal realm striving to make music like this anymore, but this is a blatant truth. Ahamkara have truly dug deep on their debut, The Embers of the Stars, and birthed a world sculpting and endlessly atmospheric album for the ages that embraces a onetime Scandinavian darkness and innovation, while adopting an organic strain of modernity.

The bombastic and grandiose compositions take flight with an orchestral sense of majesty and soar straight into the nightsky to envelop and further join with the very stars this music so skillfully strives to empower. Atmospheric guitars, dreamlike synths and an emphasis on passionate bass lines keep you enthralled throughout the entire 47 minutes and inspire you to journey even deeper into a mental state of wanderlust.

1. Midwinter's Hymn
2. On the Shores of Defeat
3. Lamentation of a Wraith
4. To Invoke the Stars Themselves

86/100 -
9,5/10 - Metal
7/10 -
5/7 -
4/5 - The Independent Voice
7/10 - Ave Noctum
4,5/5 - Rock N Reel Reviews


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