BROCKEN MOON - Hoffnungslos, CD

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After the widely praised and very successful previous album "Das Märchen vom Schnee", Brocken Moon didn't try to repeat themselves or outdo the previous album but went more back-to-the-roots and created a completely different listening experience. The music tends more towards primitive, ritualistic, depressive Black Metal, in order to provide a proper vehicle for the lyrics, which basically deal with negative emotions such as fear, despair, sadness and depressive states of mind in general. That is also the reason for the title "Hoffnungslos" which translates into "Hopeless". Thus the fairytale approach of their previous album made way for grim, cold hopelessness and sick, creeping despair rooted somewhere in the mid 90s Black Metal underground.

/Quote Northern Silence Productions


1. Hoffnungslos
2. Regen
3. Kälte
4. Krieg
5. T12 Ritual
6. Einsamkeit
7. Die Leere

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