FORNDOM - Flykt, A5 DigiCD

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Flykt A5 DigiCD edition

* Limited to 500 copies
* Includes 4 artprints with photography by L. Swärd
* Comes in a beautiful A5/DVD sized Digipack

Printed on 300 g thick eco/recycling board. 


Imagine yourself by a campfire underneath the open sky, far away from the rattling of society. Nearby you notice a raven spreading its wings; croaking as it solemnly stares out across the surrounding landscape. As you turn you can hear a fox crying out in the distance, followed by what can be perceived as a drum beat derived from the earth itself. This is FLYKT, an escape from the world such as humanity has let it become - neglected and abused. 

With an enchanting splendor FLYKT takes us on a very down to earth yet intense musical journey, a ritual tribute to our Northern legacy and a time when people lived in harmony with nature and worshipped the Nordic gods. There is more to FLYKT than merely ambient tones that resonate with atmospheric soundscapes - it also serves as a reminder to us all to embrace our heritage; to bring back what has been lost and to cherish it until the very end.


1. För världarna nio
2. När Alvkungens rike faller samman
3. Bäckahästen 
4. Flykt 
5. Återkomsten

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Artist: Forndom
Title: Flykt
Release date: 2015-06-19
Format: A5 Digipack
Cat #: NVP031
Barcode: 7320470203217
Limitation: 500 copies
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