"Crossroad" - third single from Blood and Sun

Mar 22 2023

Today we present “Crossroad”, the third single from Blood and Sun’s upcoming "Ochre (& the collected EPs)", due for release on March 31, 2023.

Listen to “Crossroad” here:

Formed in 2011, the group has received international praise for its dark, brooding, and gothic songwriting. Blood and Sun thematically wrestles with personal tribulations and drive intertwined with metaphysical and pagan currents, delivering soaring and haunting melodies extolling the heroism and tragedy of life, its joyous excess and the vertigo of fate.

Luke commented:

‘The hell that lurks behind is worse than the shores ahead – from the feathers that coat our backs to the flesh that marks us dead.’

This mandolin and bass-driven song, accompanied by James Moy's synthesisers, sits on the precipice between two worlds: that of my former self, and what I’ve sought to become in the past five years. When I moved to New England to finish “Love and Ashes”, I roomed at an old photographer's home on a street crossroad. Studded winter tires, heavy snowfalls, cracked ribs, and sudden death claiming people like sacrifices to hidden gods all inform the mood of this song.Pre-order "Ochre (& the collected EPs):

Pre-order "Ochre":