EHLDER | Nordabetraktelse out now!

Oct 9 2019

The long awaited debut album “Nordabetraktelse” by Ehlder is now released.
50 minutes of rugged blackened folk metal from the northern Swedish taiga.

Available on CD, LP and in the digital sphere.

Get your copy and listen here:

Although an otherwise-new entity, EHLDER's roots are nearly as old as the forests of their native Sweden: EHLDER is the latest creative face of the ever-prolific Graavehlder (formerly known as Graav), whose co-guided such cult entities as ARMAGEDDA, LÖNNDOM, and the recently resurrected LIK. As such, Nordabetraktelse bears Graavehlder's unmistakable magick - ancient, solemn, almost monastic. Black metal on the surface, but only barely; beneath that foundation, in the dirt and gravel and of the earth, exist a woodland mysticism and mesmerizing songcraft beyond compare.