Bindrune Recordings

A Bindrune is the fusing of multiple runes to reach a more specific end, by combining the individual runes powers more strength and clarity to be achieved to reach the desired intent.

Bindrune Recordings draws its energy from this concept, finding 2 well established underground entities combining from their Trans American locations, to form a more powerful and unique bond. Initially created as a union between Crionic Mind Records (Scott Candey) and Worm Gear Zine (Marty Rytkonen), Bindrune Recordings has evolved into it’s own risk taking entity.

With Bindrune, we are turning our sights toward the Black, Dark, and Doom metal spheres of expression to release original works by artists not afraid to push the limits, and embrace the sometimes beautiful, often destructive side of music. From primitive ideas, to more expansive creativity, the mission statement of Bindrune Recordings is to be the unfaltering proponents of artistic freedom, and the mind sculpting power that resides in this non-compromising form of expression.