BERGRAVEN – Dödsvisioner, CD

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Bergraven signs with Nordvis!

Bergraven's main man, Pär, turns the traditional blast-and-flay aesthetic of frostbitten grimness on its ear and comes at us with sweeping riff dirges, winding cinematic passages, melodic guitar interludes, tortured-yet-vaguely-authoritarian & Germanic vocal overtones and get this: ambient pedal steel excursions. All of which is enough to make your fucking head spin, especially if you (like us) are down with weirdness that transcends weirdness-merely-for-the-sake-of-being weird and comes out on the other side looking like a total fucking destroyer. What we're saying is this: Dödsvisioner is not your typical black metal experience, and Bergraven is not your standard Swedish killing machine.

Bergravens Dödsvisioner is Hydra Head's second collaborative work with Sweden's Total Holocaust Records. Rife with complex dirge riffage, bleak and haunting melodies, and tradition defying rhythms, this black metal record is as torturous as it is wholly engaging. File in line with other black metal visionaries like Deathspell Omega, Ondskapt, and Leviathan. You may not yet have heard of Bergraven, but we guarantee you Dödsvisioner is already of the elite.

Track Listing:
2.Av saknad släcker jag ljuset
4.Känsla av livets nästa skede
5.Den svarta angstens essens
6.Det man med själen...
7.Ekot av bikt
8.Döende (en avslutning)