CELESTIIAL – Where Life Springs Eternal, CD

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Bindrune Recordings, 2010

Spell Over Still Water | Great Storms Carry My Sadness | From Elm Blossoms a Rose | Offering in Cedar Smoke | Songbirds Depart Through the Passing Near the Garden

Where Life Springs Eternal, the 2nd full-length release from Minnesotas Celestiial, is yet another monumental and groundbreaking funeral doom experience. Combining Harp and other experimental elements in with Tanner Andersons visionary grasp of forest inspired doom, Celestiial embraces the inspiration flowing from his surroundings and injects them into an inspired and uniquely challenging/spiritual expression. Along with Anderson, this album features the talents of Tim Glen (Percussion) and Jason Walton (Bass) from Agalloch. Recorded by Andrew Broder (from the band Fog) and mastered by Jason Walton, Where Life Springs Eternal is a vibrant exploration of  beauty from within and its reflection upon the waters streaming from the woodlands.