DIMMU BORGIR – Stormblåst CD (Cacophonous Records version, unplayed)

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Please note: These are untouched, unplayed copies of the original Cacophonous Records release, not any of the licensed editions or bootlegs. Currently out of print.

A mid-90s masterpiece, this is Dimmu Borgir and symphonic/classically inspired black metal before it became polished, an archaic and atmospheric work with heavy use of piano and calming passages contrasting with aggressive and epic metal aggression. A somber and immersive album that is arguably far more timeless than the later rerecorded/rewritten Stormblåst 2005 recorded a decade later. 

Dimmu Borgir are interviewed at length in the book 'Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult', also available at this store.


1. Alt lys er svunnet hen

2. Broderskapets ring

3. Når sjelen hentes til helvete

4. Sorgens kammer

5. Da den kristne satte livet til

6. Stormblåst

7. Dødsferd

8. Antikrist

9. Vinder fra en ensom grav

10. Guds fortapelse - åpenbaring av dommedag