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NECHOCHWEN – Azimuths to the Otherworld, CD

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Bindrune Recordings, 2010 

Allumhammochwen:  The Crossing | At Night May I Roam |Gissis Mikana | Red Ocher |
The Eyes of the Mesingw | Charnel House | Graves of Grandeur | Confluence |
Noameatha, You are the Ghost in the Water | The Forgotten Death Ritual | Hunting Among the Stars | Four Effigies  a. The Turtle Effigy  b. The Adena Pipe  c. Amanita Mushroom Wand  d. Weeping Eye | Azimuths to the Otherworld | Graves of Grandeur (Reprise)

Recorded at Sacred Sound Recording Studio, Azimuths to the Otherworld is an awe inspiring journey into the realms of classical guitar and organic metal. With lyrical and spiritual guidance drawn from the mystical Adena and Hopewell people, their influence from beyond the stars has lifted Nechochwen to new and challenging musical hunting grounds. Azimuths takes bold musical cross pollination ala black and doom metal and fuses it with a very emotive and pure classical instrumentation with an earthy Native American folk leaning. The sounds are original, thoughtful, and instrumental in once again expanding the extreme metal world and how we all listen and interact with it. Nechochwen is passion, creativity and a powerful spiritual awakening that the listener can feel pouring out of the compositions of this art.