Kaira Clothing

Designed in Wilderness - kaira [ˈkɑirɑ] - vast, uninhabited wilderness of the north

The deeper meaning of “kaira”, however, is far more complicated. In its ruggedness it is still delicate and beautiful, untouched and untamed. The vast backwoods exhale the purest serenity of the forest and the mysticism of old tradition and deities of nature. As the ancient man of the north humbly honoured his surroundings, our designs revere our roots that lie in that rugged beauty of the north.

The idea of Kaira Clothing hatched when three friends from the Arctic circle wanted to create honest and unique street fashion with a twist. As well as it's founders, Kaira Clothing was born in the northern hemisphere. We cherish the wild nature of Lapland and its people, and wanted to bring it to life in the form of straight-forward designs. By supporting Kaira Clothing you are supporting nordic mentality and down-to-earth way of life.