ÖRNATORPET – Vid Himinsenda, LP

Dungeon synth / Dark ambient

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LP details:
- Coloured vinyl
- Download card
- Limited to 200 pcs

ÖRNATORPET's new album ”Vid Himinsenda” works a majestic, mesmerizing spell. Truly, this is a portal to a forgotten realm, an arcane age whisked into the present if only to be witnessed within the mind's eye. Don't blink and miss it…

Paradoxically, for music so glacial, ÖRNATORPET works at a feverish pace, and ”Vid Himinsenda” is the artists second album this year. As ever, the magick 'n' mysticism of the mid '90s is invoked once again, recalling long-lost sounds.


1. Vættr
2. Friggjarstjarna
3. Útgarðr
4. Myrkriður
5. Nykr
6. Hræsvelgr
7. Níðhöggr


Artist: Örnatorpet
Title: Vid Himinsenda
Release date: 2019-11-01
Format: 4 panel digipack
Cat #: NVP113
Barcode: 0612608806917