PANOPTICON – Roads to the north, DLP

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Available again on blue vinyl after a longer time out of print.


The wait is nearly at an end for the latest Panopticon Opus, Roads to the North. Following up the critically acclaimed Kentucky, Roads... is the logical evolution into pure and passionate artistic expression. With Panopticon's solid foundation of emotive black metal armed with musical influences that proudly uphold traditional Americana (folk and bluegrass) elements, Roads to the North expands and destroys with melodic death metal harmonies, increased technical proficiency and a full/professional sound that propels this material into new realms of expression for Panopticon. Savagery and gripping emotion... Sole visionary Austin Lunn's journey away from his home state has been beautifully documented on Roads to the North along with all the heartache, sorrow and triumph that followed him along the way.


1.The Echoes of a Disharmonic Evensong (9:36)
2.Where Mountains pierce the sky (12:43)
3-5. The Long Road ( in 3 movements)

I. One last fire (5:56)
II. Capricious Miles (7:53)
III.The Sigh Of Summer (9:39)

6.Norwegian Nights (3:20)
7. In Silence (9:46)
8.Chase the Grain (12:14)

9/10 - Decibel Magazine
9,5/10 - The Metal Observer
4/5 -
5/5 - A Metal State Of Mind


Artist: Panopticon
Title: Roads to the north
Release date: 2018-03-02
Catalog nr: NVP022LP
Format: Double vinyl
Vinyl color: Blue