Eneferens manifested into the solo project of Jori Apedaile in January of 2016 in Missoula, MT. Tracks were written and recorded during the early months of the year initially to serve as live performance material. The tracks were later independently released on August 8th as Eneferens’ debut album, “The Inward Cold.” Writing for a new record began immediately after its release, and within only another three months, “In The Hours Beneath” was completed and released on the first day of December.

The name “Eneferens” came to Jori in a dream on a winter’s night in 2015, meaning “to carry within one’s self.” The name embodies precisely what the content of the music portrays. Through the inspiration of the beauty of nature and self-reflection on the human experience, a delicate chemistry of beauty, struggle, and triumph is born.

Eneferens is an entity which Jori Apedaile constructs entirely from the ground up himself, performing all instruments, vocals, and handling all recording and production in his studio, The Black Lodge.