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Former Hexvessel guitarist unveils new single

Dec 9 2022

Today we present “The Mountain”, the first single from “Trench of Loneliness” - the fourth album of Iterum Nata, a psychedelic folk-rock project by former Hexvessel guitarist Jesse Heikkinen. Due for release on all formats on February 10, 2023.

Listen to “The Mountain” here:

Jesse commented:

“The Mountain” is based on a recurring dream I have, where I observe the burning world from afar. It is a song about the cyclical nature of existence - the ever-turning wheel of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

It was never my intention, but I feel that “The Mountain” is both a lyrical and a musical sequel to “Principle of Rhythm''. The song almost didn’t make it onto the album - it was a last-minute addition. I felt that the record needed an upbeat song. The rhythm of “The Mountain” was inspired by a storm hitting the tin roof above me at my workplace. I recorded the drums that same day, accompanied by rain. The song also features a ‘Robert Fripp-esque” guitar solo recorded in only one take.