GRIFT announces upcoming EP

Feb 11 2018

Grift announces his upcoming EP "Vilsna andars boning", due for release on April 6th. 

The 7 inch comes on black vinyl, includes a A6 booklet and is limited to 500 copies. 

For more info & pre-order:

US residents, get your copy over at Bindrune Recordings. 

With Grift's new EP, ”Vilsna andars boning”, Erik Gärdefors present his tunes of melancholy in a more stripped-down way than ever before. Lonesome with his acoustic guitar he achieves the same feeling we’ve heard on his albums "Syner" (2015) and "Arvet" (2017). This is a record about our dreams, our heritage, and our past forgotten by many. "Vilsna andars boning" is a captivating EP that carries the mark of Swedish folk songs. Close your eyes, crank on the gramophone, and listen to the beautiful tunes of an old forgotten homeland.