Hagathorn (Old English/Norse for Hawthorn) is a folk music project inspired by bewitching northern nature, folklore, and poetic landscapes such as old farms, fields, forests and shores. With many references in folklore, the hawthorn has been known as a sacred and magical tree since ancient times in northern Europe and Scandinavia. Not only this, but the hawthorn also forms a natural protective barrier especially within hedgerows, wherein deer, birds and other animals often take refuge.

Harkening back to aesthetics from days past, Hagathorn’s sound is specifically derived from various folk instruments, all of which are performed by Will Ott, the creator of Hagathorn.When not performing his own original music compositions, Will prefers to pay homage to historical music by playing songs that were written long ago. One of Hagathorn’s undertakings is to remind us that old music, like old art, allows us to take a step back in time, and conjure feelings and emotions that our ancestors once felt.

Through historic and original folk compositions and arrangements, Hagathorn’s essence is imbued with old enchantment, mystery, nature and folklore. The spirit of Hagathorn therefore exists to breathe life into feelings and emotions from forgotten times, helping us to rediscover our connections to old magic and nature that is still alive within us.