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HÄXKAPELL was founded in 2015, in the northernmost part of Scandinavia. This creation of Oraklet set upon the longest journey, the journey inwards, to explore the liminal aspects of life and death from a philosophical, spiritual and mystical point of view. The passing, the purgatory, the after.

In early 2016, the demo “Om sanningen” was brought to life. Most of the lyrics were conceived via automatic, subconscious writing, reaching for the Truth that lies beyond our mundane perception of the world. This odyssey was manifest in tone, ambience and rhythm by triumphant and harsh metal with epic atmospheres and cold melodies strongly rooted in the Northern landscapes.

Now reaching the summit of the first in a range of mountains, HÄXKAPELL’s first full-length release “Eldhymner” is about to be conceived in partnership with our kindred spirits at Nordvis. With key contributions by drummer JM and violinist IPU, “Eldhymner” is an album which examines, contemplates, and utilizes the concept of Fire. A source of power, a destructor, a life-bringer, this primal and fundamental element has many faces. An eternal furnace of chaos that breeds that which lies beyond, and forever tempting the embers of life with the flames of everlasting silence. The beauty of death shines bleakly in the minds of men, though most are too blind to behold its grandeur. Enter the chapel, gaze into the flames, and you shall see.