Delivery information – summer 2024: From June 11 until August 2, the Nordvis warehouse will be largely unmanned. You are most welcome to place orders during this time, but please bear in mind that outgoing parcels will only be shipped once per week at the most.

Prices and Payment

Returns, Replacement & Claims

You will pay your return freight back to us, return tickets will be sent out only on approved complaints. Once your return is administered, you will receive confirmation of this by email. The administration usually takes 3-5 business days after we receive your return.


Once you have received your product, it is important that you immediately inspect this. In case of damaged packaging, this is advertised immediately at the place of delivery. We place high demands on the quality of our suppliers and ensure that the goods you ordered by us are delivered free of defects. Should you receive a defective or defective product, please contact us as soon as possible. Please describe the nature of the error and attach a picture file if you have the opportunity.

Unclaimed shipments

We charge a fee of 20€ for shipments that are not retrieved corresponding to the actual costs of return shipping, freight charge and handling.

Return Policy

Your right of withdrawal (withdrawal period) is valid for 14 days. In your message to us, it must be clear that you regret. The withdrawal period begins to run on the day you received the item or a substantial part of it. If the agreement concerns a custom-made item - or a product that has a clear personal touch, the withdrawal period begins on the date we provided information.

You are not entitled to:

The service commenced during the withdrawal period with your consent, the price depends on the fluctuations of the financial market, such as a share, the product can not be returned due to its nature, the seal is broken on audio or video recordings or computer programs. Seal also refers to technical sealing.

When you took advantage of your right of withdrawal:

You are required to keep the product in as good condition as when you received it. You may not use it, but of course, carefully examine it. If the product is damaged or lost because you are negligent, you lose your right of withdrawal.

Private policy

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We reserve ourselves for possible errors, product changes, price adjustments and any color defects. We reserve the right to adjust any price errors before and after the order has been processed.

All attempts at fraud are reported to police and Nordvis Production reserves the right to cancel the purchase of fraud.