Meet Änterbila

Jul 8 2022

Meet Änterbila the most recent addition to the Nordvis community. Their self-titled debut album will be released this coming fall.

“Änterbila” is a conceptual homage to the struggles of the 18th to 20th-century peasantry in their home country of Sweden. The anguish and fury of the downtrodden are embedded in every fibre of a musical score ranging from – and transcending – what would traditionally be categorised as black and folk metal. Lurking amidst the metallic darkness are passages featuring violin, acoustic guitar, and traditional arrangements. This formula has produced a collection of songs deeply imbued with that wistful, sinister, and folkloric feeling present in various Nordic masterpieces by the likes of Storm, Isengard, Taake, Panphage, and Arckanum.

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Änterbila commented:

We are proud to have been inducted into the Nordvis family. When the idea behind Änterbila first came to us, signing to Nordvis was an essential part of our vision – one that has now been fulfilled. Andreas shares our ideas about forming an actual partnership instead of just being a band and its label. We are confident that this is the beginning of a friendship and cooperation which will last for many years to come.