New single & music video from Vėlių Namai

Nov 24 2022


Today we present “Saulės Kalvis” (‘The Sun's Blacksmith’), the first single from "Alkai": the fourth album of Lithuanian ritualistic dark-folk project Vėlių Namai, due for release on January 20, 2023. “Alkai” serves as an open invitation to experience the mystical world of the Baltics - to feel the sacredness of its ancient past.

Watch & listen to “Saulės Kalvis” here:

Band leader Julius Mitė commented:

"Saulės Kalvis" is about Teliavelis, a Baltic mythological god who - according to Baltic mythology - was the blacksmith who forged the sun. Afterwards, he put it in the sky to illuminate the earth and make the land fertile.

The video clip was shot at Kilkim Žaibu, a B altic culture and extreme music festival which takes place during the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. In the Baltic tradition, the summer solstice (Rasos, Kupolės) marks a very important celebration.

The live performance features a symbolic blood sacrifice, as well as lighting of a symbol of the sun. The symbol then ignites the great bonfire, honouring the sun and the warmth it provides. It’s a celebration of the sun before the period when days become shorter and darkness starts to return.

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