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Nordvisor: Ett samlingsverk från Nordvis

“Nordvisor” is the inaugural chapter in a series of vinyl releases chronicling the musical essence of Nordvis and the artists whose passions fuel its fires. It focuses on analogue, folkish expressions – distilling the melancholy and beauty inherent in the wilderness, transforming them into music that resonates with the primal force of nature itself...

May 23 2024
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Artist appreciation series - Pt. 6: Bhleg

For this instalment we turn to Bhleg – the Swedish duo that just released their new album, “Fäghring”.

Apr 12 2022
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Out now: Bhleg "Fäghring"

­The release date of Bhleg’s highly anticipated new album “Fäghring” is finally upon us.

Apr 1 2022
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New Bhleg single: "Befruktad jord"

The time has come to unveil “Befruktad jord” (‘Nourished Soil’) – the second single of Bhleg’s upcoming album, “Fäghring” which is due for release on April 1.

Mar 10 2022
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New Bhleg single: "Grönskande gryning"

­Swedish folk metal duo Bhleg is one of Nordvis’ longest-running artist collaborations. Since forming our alliance in 2014, their forest-scented sound has become synonymous with the label...

Feb 10 2022
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Out now: Bhleg - Draumr Ást, LP

Earlier this week, we announced the upcoming Bhleg record, “Fäghring” - the fourth and closing part of their album tetralogy “Ár”. The idea...

Jan 13 2022
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Bhleg "Fäghring” – Solar wedlock in Alyr

After the blackest night comes the most radiant dawn; the spark of life illuminates all that which was swallowed by shadows...

Jan 9 2022
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BHLEG "Ödhin" out now!

Inevitable, as the spreading twilight and turmoil when the blackness of winter swallows the sun, Swedish BHLEG's third full-length album "Ödhin" sweeps the world with icy winds and drowns it in the beautiful colours of the night...

Jan 15 2021
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BHLEG presents "Ödhin"

The enigmatic Swedish Folk Metal duo BHLEG reveals cover artwork for their upcoming third full-length album “Ödhin”.

Nov 12 2020
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