Delivery information – summer 2022:
From June 17 until August 26, the Nordvis warehouse will be largely unmanned. You are most welcome to place orders during this time, but please bear in mind that outgoing parcels will only be shipped once per week at the most.
This is a time to rejuvenate and gather strength. Rest assured that we have before us a very interesting autumn. We wish all of our followers a fantastic summer!

News Articles

"Thirst", new Lustre single

Today, Lustre unveils the single "Thirst" from their upcoming album “A Thirst for Summer Rain" - due for release on August 26...

Aug 12 2022
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Lustre returns with "A Thirst for Summer Rain"

“A Thirst for Summer Rain” is the eighth full-length album of Lustre – the Swedish apotheosis of ambient black metal...

Jul 27 2022
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Out now: Draugurinn - "Minningar úr undirheimum"

“Minningar úr undirheimum” (‘Memories from the Underworld’) is a harrowing musical journey carrying the listener through the fringes of dark ambient and ritualistic drone. The sixth album of Swedish-Icelandic artist and musician Draugurinn offers...

Jun 16 2022
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Out now: Hagathorn "Björndansen"

“Björndansen” is the new album by Hagathorn, a folk project by American musician Will Ott. The material is largely derived from traditional Nordic folk songs which feature added improvisation...

Jun 2 2022
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New release from Anima Arctica

"VIRTUS" is the second part of the "Neofolk Finland" trilogy that "PATRIA" started in 2012. This time, after the gloomy and bog-stenched "NOITANAAMA", TERVAHÄÄT takes a leap towards more traditional neofolk...

May 24 2022
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New single "Skog Brudmarsch" from Hagathorn

Today, Hagathorn unveil "Skog Brudmarsch" – the second single of their upcoming album “Björndansen” (Dance of the Bear).

May 19 2022
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New Hagathorn album and music video

As the first single of American folk project Hagathorn’s upcoming album “Björndansen”, we give you “Hvittenland”.

Apr 14 2022
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Out now: Bhleg "Fäghring"

­The release date of Bhleg’s highly anticipated new album “Fäghring” is finally upon us.

Apr 1 2022
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Out now: Örnatorpet - Hymner från snökulla, LP

First released in January 2019, “Hymner Från Snökulla” offers a synth-propelled flight of the imagination – a journey through frozen soundscapes resting on such rich textures one can almost hear the crackling of ice...

Mar 25 2022
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Forndom: New single and music video

Nordvis proudly announces the music video for Forndom’s new single, “Och med vinden ack de gunga” – available as of February 25.

Feb 25 2022
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