Nordvis Partners with Swedish folk music duo Pettersson & Fredriksson

Aug 28 2023

Pettersson & Fredriksson join Nordvis­

We are excited to share a long-anticipated announcement: Nordvis has officially partnered with the Swedish folk duo Pettersson & Fredriksson. ‌We are looking forward to working with these two talented gentlemen in a variety of ways over the coming years. Their local roots resonate deeply with us, and it's invigorating to see Nordvis expand its footprint in the realm of traditional folk music.

Pettersson & Fredriksson is a Swedish folk music duo that has been making music together since their high school days. The project consists of renowned keyed fiddler Daniel Pettersson and Daniel Fredriksson, who plays the Nordic mandola and lute. Their unique blend of original compositions and traditional music from Västerbotten is showcased on the three Pettersson & Fredriksson albums “Brand” (2002), “Virek” (2004), and “Sotali” (2010).

Fredriksson is a university lecturer in sound and music production at Dalarna University. In 2018, he completed his PhD in ethnomusicology and recently received a research grant from the Swedish Research Council to study accordion icon Calle Jularbo. Fredriksson has worked on music for documentaries and stage productions and has been a member of several bands and projects over the years. He’s currently active with Otyg, Solsaate, Jularbo String Band, Jättarna i Vilhelmina, and The White Shawl.

Pettersson, on the other hand, has been awarded the title ‘riksspelman’ – a badge of mastery for Swedish folk musicians – and became the world champion of nyckelharpa in 2000. In 2014, Daniel was awarded the Silver Zorn Badge for his ‘traditional and skilled playing of songs from Vilhelmina on the kontrabasharpa’. He has recorded music for French National Radio and toured with Västanå Teater and Västerbottensteatern. Pettersson is also part of Solsaate and has previously recorded the albums “Oxögon” and “Kadrilj” with Swedish fiddler Maria Jonsson.

The duo has performed at numerous folk music festivals and venues throughout Europe, including TFF Rudolstad and Førde International Folk Music Festival. From 2009 to 2011, they worked on the folk horror performance Getaren on behalf of Västerbottensteatern. In 2015, they invited percussionist Magnus Lundmark to join them in a trio called Sotali. Magnus's tasteful and minimalist percussion added a new dimension to Pettersson & Fredriksson's characteristic blend of folkish energy and soothing tranquillity.

They also have an ongoing collaboration with Taiwanese pipa virtuoso Yufeng Chung – with whom they have recorded music and toured in both Asia and Europe. Currently, Pettersson & Fredriksson are planning to perform in the USA with storyteller and multi-musician Chris Rippey. With a unique blend of improvisation, delicate melodies, and hard-swinging riffs, the duo continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their beautiful music.

Pettersson & Fredriksson commented:

We are both delighted and thrilled to be joining Nordvis! While our music is mostly in the acoustic folk genre, we're both metalheads at heart. Fredriksson has his roots in the folk metal scene, having been a part of notable bands like Otyg and Solsaate. The opportunity to join Nordvis, with its rich catalogue of dark and mystical acts, resonated deeply with us.

Ever since our initial collaboration in the late 1990s (yes, it’s true!), we've believed that our music – which is deeply anchored in the traditions of northern Sweden – would appeal to anyone into more esoteric sounds. The anticipation is palpable as we look forward to the intriguing directions our collaboration with Nordvis and its dedicated listenership might take us.

Pettersson & Fredriksson: