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Oct 19 2018
We’re happy to announce that we’ve forged a union with Swedish Dungeon Synth artist Örnatorpet. With a sound that seldom has been heard since the mid 90’s, Örnatorpet definitely cure our long lost longing for the sounds first brought to us by originators such as Mortiis, Fata Morgana and Trolltjern. To celebrate Örnatorpets entry into the Nordvis family we will release the album “Bergtagen” as a limited Digipack CD on November 30th. As if that wouldn’t be enough, a new album is scheduled for release in January 2019. 

“Bergtagen” is a gloomy and mystical journey into the darkened shrine of dungeon synth. It is deeply inspired by the folklore of ancient Sweden and the dramatic nature that has left and continues to leave its time-worn scars on the landscape of the country and, in the harsher fringes, the faces of its people. The album pays homage to the rusty tones of autumn and succeeds in replicating that magical feeling of a lone walk through the woods as the russet hued leaves crunch underfoot. Take time out to free yourself from the many heavy chains that modern society burdens you with to immerse yourself in the solemn, Swedish beauty of Örnatorpet. To quote a certain famous show, ‘winter is coming.’

Listen to “Bergtagen” in it’s entirety now. It will be available via digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes on November 30th. 

Order your copy of the CD here: